Scope   |   Design + Concept Development + Storytelling + Illustration


When we were approached by The Chicago Lighthouse to submit a design for the 2018 Lighthouses on Mag Mile art installation, we were honored. When we were the only agency selected to be a featured artist, we were stoked! Following in the footsteps of Cows on Parade and Cool Globes, this summer, 6’ Lighthouses will adorn Chicago’s Magnificent Mile and serve as beacon, a call to action, for access and inclusion for people with disabilities

Key Discovery  / Strategy

Before we could even begin thinking about designing our piece, we wanted to get to know The Chicago Lighthouse, the work they do and the people they so positively impact; so we went on a fieldtrip. Our time at The Chicago Lighthouse was fascinating and uplifting, and the stories of the amazing people we met, became the inspiration for our piece.


A graphic, hand-illustrated and painted Lighthouse centered on a core idea, “Just because a man has lost the use of his eyes does not mean he lacks vision.”- Stevie Wonder.

2.0_Website_Lighthouse_Assets_pgArtboard 1.jpg
2.0_Website_Lighthouse_Assets_pgArtboard 2.jpg
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